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Options exp (Jan), VIX thoughts, naked puts on C, GM, JPM, AMAT & much more

As a seller of put options – and with a lot of them expiring this month – I couldn’t have asked for a better options expiration scenario than having the market rise to multi-year highs into expiration. Virtually all of my short put option positions expired out of the money, leaving me with 100% of […]

Options trades: Naked puts on ABX, C, CSCO, BAC, NYX, PFE, STD, COP, ABT, GE, TGT, HPQ & more

I’ve been doing some fast and furious options trading in recent days. Market conditions have not only warranted some significant risk reduction adjustments, but have also presented a slew of new put option selling opportunities, and I’ve been doing both (see below). This recent activity put me even further behind in reporting on my options […]

Option trades: Naked puts on BP, AMGN, INTC, MSFT, CSCO, AMAT, HPQ, WMT, GM, MDT & more!

I sold quite a few naked put options over the last several weeks/months as increased volatility in both the market and individual stocks presented some interesting option premium selling opportunities. This uptick in volatility came at a good time, as many of my previous naked put option positions had just expired out of the money […]

Option trades, expiration: VXX, DO, STD, TEF, ABT, SCCO & more

I initiated several new naked put option positions in the last several weeks, had another expire out-of-the-money (OTM), and had two stocks called away when my covered calls were assigned. I also adjusted or closed out several options positions, including taking a loss in a naked put position in the VXX volatility ETN that was […]

Options trades: Naked puts, covered calls on VXX, QCOM, IBM, XOM, WAG & more

I’ve recently initiated several new short options positions, as well as closed out or adjusted a number of others. New positions include naked put options on a financial, a utility and an industrial stock, and covered calls against a long position in a natural gas partnership that lately seems able to move in only one […]