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Aug/Sept options exp, naked puts in FCX, GM, AFL, T, SDRL, AEM & more

Although it may portend that a significant correction is near (or already underway), the recent increase in market “turbulence” – and higher corresponding VIX level – is actually a welcome change from a put option seller’s perspective. It promises higher option premiums for sellers to collect as well as less-expensive underlying stocks that present more […]

Options expiration (Feb), naked puts on CSX, SU

Since last fall, a rising market and a falling VIX have had me focusing on other matters while my short put options positions have been mostly taking care of themselves (that is, shrinking in value, expiring worthless, and increasing my account’s bottom line). And while most of the risk adjustments I made back in August […]

VIX ‘heat map’ chart & covered calls on a REIT

This week as the market bounced and volatility once again dropped back toward normal levels I made only one options trade. It was to adjust some covered call options on a losing position that I’m looking to weed out of my portfolio (see below). In the meantime I was intrigued by a post by Alex […]

Options trades: Naked puts on HYG, QCOM, FE, MDT & more!

I sold more naked put options this week (see below) as the market plunged and option volatility exploded. A couple of the new short put option positions were triggered by some existing limit orders during Thursday’s intraday plunge before I had a chance to react, but I was able to adjust some others – before […]

Options trades: Sold puts on CTL, BSBR, KMR & more!

I sold more put options this week as opportunities presented themselves as the market fell sharply and volatility expanded. The sell-off so far appears to be a well-deserved correction – one that’s going about doing its job of scaring market participants quite effectively. Many individual stocks are at or fast approaching intermediate-term oversold levels, although […]