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Aug/Sept options exp, naked puts in FCX, GM, AFL, T, SDRL, AEM & more

Although it may portend that a significant correction is near (or already underway), the recent increase in market “turbulence” – and higher corresponding VIX level – is actually a welcome change from a put option seller’s perspective. It promises higher option premiums for sellers to collect as well as less-expensive underlying stocks that present more […]

June/July options exp, naked puts in GM, LO, POT, MYGN, GG, VALE & much more

A low VIX and elevated market continue to make for a challenging environment for selling put options. Despite that, I’ve added a number of new naked put positions (see below) since my last post. Meanwhile over the last couple of months I had a significant number of expiring naked put positions that had been initiated […]

May options expiration, naked puts in COH, CCJ, VTR & more

There wasn’t much drama in this month’s option expiration for me. This is partly because I only had two naked put option positions outstanding for this month, but also because not much had changed since last month. One of the naked put positions was even farther out of the money (OTM) than it was a […]

April options expiration, naked puts in MSFT, JOY, GG, VOD & more

This month’s options expiration worked out well, with six out of seven of my April-expiring naked put option positions expiring out-of-the-money (OTM), resulting in full profits. My one in-the-money (ITM) naked put position was trading with a small profit and I rolled it out to a later date (see details below). Looking ahead I have […]

March options expiration, naked puts in SLW, LO, POT, MOS & more

This month’s options expiration produced full profits across the board for all my expiring naked put option positions (see details below) – no surprise given the market’s continued buoyancy even in the face of various negative news events. The market’s resiliency however has also limited my put selling opportunities, and as a result I have […]